Vichy Idealia: Finding Your Ideal Skin

Vichy Idealia Day, Vichy Idealia Serum, Vichy Idealia Skin SleepOne of my biggest fears in life is getting old. Seriously, what is fun about getting old? Besides a seniors discount and retirement, I don’t see anything to look forward to. To me, it sounds like a lot of responsibility and decision making and I’m not ready for it.

In addition to the responsibilities that come along with getting older, there are also a number of physical changes that come along with age. I know you’re all probably thinking “this girl is 22 she has nothing to worry about”, but over the last year I can honestly say I have started to notice some changes in my skin that can be associated with age. It just doesn’t seem to bounce back quite like it used to. On the nights where I don’t take the proper steps to care for my skin it seems like I am paying for it for a few days after. Luckily, I have found a way to cope with these changes and find my way back to my ideal skin thanks to Vichy’s Idealia line.

First off, let’s talk about my definition of ideal skin. For me, when I picture ideal skin, I think pore-less, smooth in texture and radiant. I want my skin to have a flawless glow, so I can really say I woke up like this. Vichy’s Idealia products are slowly helping me get there!

Vichy has finally completed their full Idealia skincare line with a serum, eye cream, BB cream, night cream and day cream. These products are geared towards someone in their early adult years and fights both physical and environmental signs of aging. AKA the things that are naturally happening that we have no control over, and the things happening in our environment like climate, sun damage, diet, stress and lack of sleep.

What do I love about Idealia? A LOT! First of all, the products are acting on first signs of aging – fine lines, skin tone, texture and radiance, which are all of my concerns. Additionally, the actual texture of all of the products is amazing and they are all infused with LHA to help exfoliate and promote new cell production.

Texture of Vichy Idelia Serum, Day and Skin Sleep
L-R: Idealia Serum, Idealia Day, Idealia Skin Sleep

My favourite products are the serum, day cream and night cream. The serum and day products have a pearly iridescent formula to provide an immediate healthy glow and are light in texture. The night cream has a balm gel texture allowing it to feel extremely refreshing. Plus, it has hyaluronic acid for extreme hydration and to help plump the skin. The night cream helps to recreate the effects that deep sleep has on your skin, so on the nights you really didn’t get that much sleep no one has to know.

What are your skincare must haves? Have you noticed a change in your skin and found something that is really working for you? Let me know!

Hope you find your way back to ideal skin!

Kaitlyn xo


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