Product Review: Lise Watier Eye Opening Vegan Mascara

Lise Watier Vegam Mascara tube and brush or wand.

One of my beauty resolutions is to test out more mascara. I have been using the Benefit Roller Lash and Buxom Volumizing Lash Mascaras for years. It is the perfect duo for me and why change something if it is working for you? Honest answer – I have a million unopened mascaras I need to use before buying anything new. When I first opened the Lise Watier Eye Opening Vegan Mascara (that is a tongue twister and from here on out we will be referring to it as the Vegan Mascara) I wasn’t so sure I would like it. The brush is very different from my two holy grail mascaras. Spoiler alert: I actually really love it!

Lise Watier Vegan Mascara close up of brush or wand.

Let’s continue talking about the brush. It is wider at the base and gets slimmer as you move to the tip of the brush. It is a straight wand with fibre bristles. What I love most about this wand is that it gets so slim at the tip. It makes the wand super precise and I can easily reach each little baby lash and the corners. The brush is firm and it really allows me to push my lashes up and create lots of lift. I love lots of lift in my lashes as it makes your eyes look more open, bright and awake. I get incredible lift with this mascara and that is what I love most about it.

The formula is creamy and light. It doesn’t seem overly wet and is almost fluffy. I like the texture of the formula a lot as it isn’t too heavy or weigh down my lashes throughout the day. I also find that because it is so light it doesn’t clump together as much. It can get a little clumpy if you go in super heavy with the application, but if you slowly apply and use the tip of the brush to spread the lashes I don’t have any issues with clumping.

I do find this product to have nice buildable volume if you work before the layers dry. I find it is best to apply one eye at a time. I do a few coats on one eye before moving to the other. If I try to jump back and forth to each eye the formula dries down too quickly and I don’t get a chance to build up as much volume. Once I found the right technique for application I really fell in love with how much volume I can get from this mascara.

Before and after photo of Lise Watier Vegan Mascara
Left eye no mascara, right eye Lise Watier Vegan Mascara applied

This mascara, for me, is not the most lengthening. Overall, I find it really great for volume and lift. One trick to get a bit more length with is to spend some time applying just to the tips of the lashes once I have got the desired volume and lift I want. By focusing on the tips I can build out a bit more length. For me I have long lashes already, so it isn’t a deal breaker. Plus the amount of lift you get from the mascara really helps create the appearance of more length.

The mascara is very long wearing. I haven’t had any issues with it flaking or smudging throughout the day. It keeps my lashes lifted and curled all day long. Overall, I am super impressed with this mascara from Lise Watier. I haven’t tried many of their mascaras, but I am eager to try more after how great this one has been.

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