Best of 2020 Makeup

I am back with my second part of my series reflecting on my favourite products in 2020. Check out the first part of my series – Best of Skincare 2020. In this post I am sharing my favourite and most used makeup products. My makeup changed in 2020. For the second half of the year I have only been applying makeup to my face from the eyes up. With wearing a mask so much this year, and breaking out a lot, I didn’t wear makeup on the parts of my face the mask covered to protect my skin. With that in mind my makeup favourites won’t include a lot of products you generally apply to the lower parts of your face because I really wasn’t wearing it. Here is a list of my most used and loved makeup products of 2020.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Tinted Cream Review

La Roche Posay Toleriane Sensitive Tinted Cream – This hands down was my most used base product for 2020. This year I stepped away from more full coverage products and really fell in love with tinted moisturizers and light weight products. This product combines the gentle hydrating care of Toleriane Sensitive with correction and coverage of makeup. It is a light coverage product that doesn’t feel like anything on the skin. If you are someone with dry skin, or don’t like the feeling of makeup on the skin I think you would really enjoy this product. I like it because it provides the gentle skincare benefits La Roche Posay is known for with a beautiful tint for natural coverage.

Dermablend Cover Care Concealer

Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer – The coverage on this concealer is incredible – a little goes a long way. In addition to the incredible coverage, it also doesn’t crease or transfer. This is the first concealer I have ever had that I don’t have to set with a powder. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and the creamy formula really melts into the skin. I find it blends best with your fingers in a patting motion as it builds the most coverage. The applicator is also a larger sized doe foot applicator, which is great for quick and easy application. While wearing a mask all day I have been skipping foundation and just using this concealer under the eyes and on my forehead. If I do choose to wear makeup under my mask, I feel really good about using this concealer because it is non-comedogenic and I don’t have to worry about it breaking me out. Plus it doesn’t transfer or spread to my mask. If you are looking for something super full coverage, that doesn’t crease or budge, and is long wearing check this concealer out.

Dermablend Illuminating Banana Loose Setting Powder – The Dermablend loose setting powders are my favourite powders on the market. I love both the translucent and banana version, but the banana shade is definitely my most used. The powders and so fine and they blend into the skin flawlessly without looking heavy or powdery. The banana shade is my favourite because of the brightening and illuminating properties it has. It really brightens under the eyes and sets your foundation and concealer in place so it lasts all day.

Covergirl Clean Fresh Translucent Powder

Covergirl Clean Fresh Healthy Look Translucent Powder – This is an amazing affordable powder from the drugstore. It is great for setting your makeup and really blurring and smoothing the skin. It does a great job at blurring texture on the skin and it really helps my makeup last longer. It also doesn’t look too heavy or matte on the skin. I like using the translucent as I don’t need more coverage, I am just looking to set my makeup in place. A great option if you are looking for an affordable powder that is available at the drugstore.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – This is a classic that everyone has probably tried. This is also the bronzer that never dies. I have had this for what feels like forever and it still feels full. I like both the Hoola Lite and the original version. I am pretty fair and sometimes the original Hoola can be a little bit too dark for me in the winter, so I opt for the Lite. I also really like the Lite shade for contouring my nose as it is softer and a little bit of a cooler shade. Both versions are a beautiful matte bronzer. It is really easy to blend and they are really flattering shades.

Marcelle Velvety Blush – I didn’t wear a lot of blush during this past year thanks to masks, but when I did this was my go to. I think it was literally the only blush I wore in 2020. Marcelle is such an underrated drugstore brand. Their blushes are one of my favourite formulas. They are a super soft texture and really easy to blend. They offer buildable coverage, so you can get a soft wash of colour or a bold flush. The shade I have been loving is Dust. It is just a really nice soft pink that is really neutral and goes well with any look.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray – Setting spray has been something I have always loved. I feel like it completes a look and really blends all your products together to give it a more natural and skin like finish. Not all setting sprays are made equal and this one from Urban Decay is one of the best. It has a really fine mist that doesn’t dispense too heavily or disrupt your makeup. It is also great for making your makeup last all day. In 2020, wearing a mask all day really caused me to rely on setting spray to lock in my makeup. Although I didn’t wear makeup under my mask often, this setting spray really helped to keep my makeup from transferring onto my mask, or from rubbing off. If you have trouble keeping your makeup on all day I recommend checking out a setting spray.

Dermablend Power-Setter Makeup Setting Spray – This setting spray was a new discovery for me in 2020 and it is also amazing. It is super comparable to the Urban Decay setting spray, but a tiny bit lower in price. It is great for refreshing throughout the day and increasing the look and longevity of your makeup. It keeps your makeup from transferring, or wearing off. I find the mist on this setting spray not to be as fine as the Urban Decay, but it does not disrupt your makeup or change the application or final results. Dermablend is also amazing for anyone with sensitive skin. All of their products are tested on many skin types and sensitivities. It is a great option for anyone who is super sensitive and reactive. If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper then the Urban Decay spray this one is a great option.

Lise Watier Dramatique Gel Liner – This is the world’s best eyeliner – yes I said it. I don’t know why everyone is sleeping on Lise Watier Eyeliners because they are fantastic. The Dramatique Gel Liners are my favourite because they are so creamy and glide on the eye very easily due to their gel formula, but once they set they do not budge. They are transfer proof, waterproof as well as heat and humidity resistant. They have really intense colour pay off and are retractable. My go to colour is the shade Cappuccino – I wear it daily. Navy is also another favourite for a little pop of colour. These are just simply the best eye liners and I think everyone needs to try them.

Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eye Pencil – This product has been a favourite for many years, but I think this is it’s first appearance on the blog. It is an eyeliner pencil designed to go in the waterline of your eye. It is really hard to find a pencil that is long wearing and lasts within the wet rim of your eyes. This pencil lasts all day, it glides on super easily and doesn’t transfer between the top and bottom rim. I like just wearing it along my upper tightline, but don’t put it along the bottom as I find it makes my eyes look smaller when applied to both. This is the first pencil I have found that does not transfer from the top to the bottom. It does a really great job at making the lashes look fuller and defining the eye. On days when I am not wearing a lot of makeup I still apply this pencil to my tightline as it really helps to make the lashes look bigger, fuller and just slightly enhances the eyes. Vasanti is a Canadian and cruelty free brand.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – This mascara has been around forever and has been a favourite of mine for years. I love it so much I rarely try other mascaras. The brush is a small curved plastic wand. It does a great job at hooking and lifting all your lashes. I like it because it really helps to lift and keep my lashes curled throughout the day. The small brush allows me to get in between the lashes and separate them. If you are someone who likes a really lifted and separated lash look, or has trouble keeping your lashes curled throughout the day I definitely recommend testing out this mascara.

Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara – I am a little bit extra when it comes to mascara and I like to layer more then one mascara together. After using Roller Lash to get good separation and curl I go in with this mascara to get even more separation and build length. This brush is so good for that. It has a lot of really short bristles, so it doesn’t hold a lot of product. This prevents it from adding too much volume at once and gives you more control in building volume. It is the perfect companion for Roller Lash as combined they give me so much lift, separation and length.

Those were some of my favourite and most used makeup products of 2020. Let me know some of your favourites in a comment below!

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Best of 2020 Skincare

As 2020 comes to an end I have decided to do a wrap up of my favourite and most used products of 2020. The first part of the wrap up is my favourite skincare products of 2020. In the second part of my wrap up I will share my favourite makeup products of 2020. Stay tuned for that post coming soon!

This past year took me into a whole new world of skincare because my skin’s needs changed entirely. I went from pretty normal skin that was combination – dry on my forehead and cheeks and more oily on my nose and chin, to sensitive and acne prone. As someone who has never really had problem skin this was a huge struggle. I have a new appreciation for anyone with acne prone skin and what you battle on a daily basis. Through this process I have discovered some new products that have worked really well at battling my acne and the sensitivities I was experiencing. Even if you don’t suffer from acne or a lot of sensitivity there are some really great products I discovered that could work well no matter your skin type. Here is a look at some of the products that my skin really loved this year.

Neostrata Glycolic Mousse Cleanser – I feel like everyone has tried this cleanser and I was definitely late to the game. For the first half of 2020, this was my go to cleanser. This is a great cleanser for anyone with normal, combination or oily skin. If you are on the drier side it might be a little bit too much for everyday – I would recommend their PHA Cleanser instead. The glycolic acid provides a gentle exfoliation and the light mousse texture is very refreshing. I find this product is super great for treating blackheads and congestion on the skin. If you are looking for a cleanser with some gentle exfoliation that is safe for daily use I recommend checking this one out.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel

La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser – When my acne started to flare up, and my skin became much more sensitive and problematic, I switched to this gel cleanser from La Roche Posay. What attracted me to this cleanser versus other acne cleansers is that the active ingredient is zinc PCA. Zinc PCA is great for killing acne causing bacteria, so it will get rid of existing acne and prevent new acne from occurring. Zinc PCA is also good for controlling oil production on the skin and is a humectant. This means, unlike other acne treatments, it will not strip the skin of the natural oils or dry out the skin. The zinc PCA makes it great for anyone who has a drier skin type because it helps treat the acne and hydrate the skin. This has really helped my acne a lot. I have kept it in my routine even as my acne has disappeared and I love it. It has helped to keep my acne at a manageable state. If you are really sensitive to other acne treatments, or are a drier skin type and suffer from acne, I highly recommend testing this cleanser out.

Vichy Mineral 89 Eye Review

Vichy Mineral 89 Eye Care – I went through two bottles of this eye cream in 2020 and will definitely repurchase this after I finish up some other eye creams in my stash. The texture on this eye cream is a really nice light gel cream that leaves behind a nice cooling sensation. The cooling sensation feels so nice on tired eyes and helps to depuff the eye contour. It is an amazing base for makeup. My eyeshadow and concealer apply so nicely overtop. The thing I love most about this eye cream is how brightening it is. I really noticed a difference in how bright my under eye area was while using this eye cream. If you are looking for a really gentle, hydrating and brightening eye cream give this one a try.

Vichy Mineral 8

Vichy Mineral 89 – I don’t even know if I need to give this product much of an explanation. If you have been following me you probably already know my love for this product. If I could shower my whole body in it I would. I have gone through more bottles of this then I can count. Mineral 89 is a skin booster containing hyaluronic acid and Vichy’s thermal water. This product helps to strengthen and protect the skin. It is a great boost of hydration for the skin. It is always the first step in my routine after cleansing and I apply it to my face eyes and lips. If you are looking for an extra boost of moisture, or to help strengthen your skin I can’t recommend Mineral 89 enough.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + – This was my holy grail acne treatment this year. This saved my skin and was the true superstar when it came to treating my acne breakouts and getting my skin back under control. It is one of the most gentle acne treatments I have ever used, but still so effective. Others I had tried during the year were so harsh and what contributed to the issues with sensitivity I was having. This product didn’t cause any feelings of sensitivity and with consistent use, and some patience, are really what got my acne under control. I am going to insert some photos below of my acne when it was the worst and my skin after adding Duo + into my routine. If you are someone who suffers from acne and finds a lot of treatments to be too harsh for your skin, or are just looking for a more gentle acne treatment I highly recommend trying this product out. When my acne was at its worst I used this product morning and night until I got it under control. Once my breakouts were becoming less severe I continued to use it in the morning to help prevent breakouts while wearing a mask all day.

Before and after using La Roche Posay Effaclar
Top Photos: Skin as of September 2020 prior to starting Effaclar products. Bottom Photos: Skin as of January 2021. Results in the bottom photos were after using Effaclar Cleanser and Duo + morning and night September 2020 – November 2020. In November 2020, I began continued using the cleanser morning and night, but used Duo + in the morning and Avene Aoxitive Peeling Cream at night.
La Roche Posay Toleriane Sensitive

La Roche Posay Toleriane Sensitive – This was definitely my most used cream of 2020. It is a lightweight texture that is fragrance free, alcohol free, balances the skin’s microbiome and safe for sensitive skin. I loved it because I could use it day or night and it is safe to layer with any products. It is super gentle and really helped to soothe my irritation. I went through two or three bottles this year and is something I would repurchase immediately. It is the perfect basic moisturizer and has a super reasonable price point. Pro tip: Not all of the product dispenses out at the very end. Cut off the top and remove what is left inside with your finger tips. I always get quite a few more applications out of the product by doing this.

Avene Aoxitive Night Peel – This is one of my all-time favourite retinol products. It helped my skin so much this year when it came to my acne scars. As the Effaclar Duo + started to clear my acne I was left behind was quite a bit of acne scarring. Although my breakouts were under control the marks left behind still made me feel pretty self conscious. Adding this retinol product to my routine made a world of difference. It made such a difference that other people were commenting on how great my skin looked – you know a product is really working when other people make note. I will be continuing to use this product in the future. Although I don’t need it as much now for treating acne scars I like that it made my skin smooth, radiant and it helps with early signs of aging. If you are looking to try a retinol product, or have issues with acne scarring I recommend trying this one out.

Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream

Neostrata Neck Cream – This was a rediscovered product for me in 2020. I have used this neck cream in the past and in 2020 I was reminded how much I love it. I have tried a few different neck creams, but this is truly my favourite because of the texture. Others I find can feel too heavy or oily and don’t absorb. Hours later I can still feel some creams on my neck area. This one has the most luxurious texture. It melts right into the skin and gives an instant tightening feeling. This product also really feels like it is doing something. The skin on my neck area is a lot smoother and there has been a decrease in the size and depth of the horizontal lines on my neck.

Avene Cicalfate Restorative Cream

Avene Cicalfate + – This is a product I have known about for many years, but never truly appreciated until this year. I have always recommended it to people with cuts and scrapes or burns because of the soothing and healing properties, but it never occurred to me that it could become a staple in my skincare routine. This was another game changer when it came to healing my acne and healing irritation from harsh acne treatments and masks. It contains copper and zinc sulfate, which have purifying properties. These purifying properties allow it to effectively treat breakouts. I also like applying it on a blemish I may have picked as it speeds up the healing time.

I also love this product if my skin is dull, or looking for a boost. I apply a thin layer all over the face at night and it leaves my skin looking so healthy and renewed. It is also great to pair with a retinol or a more irritating active ingredient as it really helps to minimize any harsh side effects.

Avene Cicalfate Hand Cream – I have never been a big hand cream user. I find they are too greasy or slimy and I am honestly just too lazy to be consistent with applying one. This year I desperately needed to use hand cream. With all the hand sanitizer and hand washing my hands became really dry and irritated. With similar properties to the Cicalfate + the Cicalfate hand cream has been amazing for combatting the dryness and irritation. Within the first 24 hours of using it, and reapplying regularly, I noticed a huge improvement on my hands. I really like the texture of this product because it isn’t too greasy and absorbs quickly. I keep this product in my pocket at work and it has truly been a staple for 2020.

Vichy Mineral Tinted Sunscreen

Vichy Mineral Tinted Sunscreen – With going out a lot less, and wearing a mask most of the time, I really stepped away from wearing foundation in 2020. As an alternative, I started to wear tinted sunscreen instead and this one from Vichy ended up being a favourite. It is a mineral sunscreen with an SPF 50 and a universal tint. It leaves a nice glow on the skin and is sweat and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Although the coverage on this product is super light weight I love it. It just slightly blurs and neutralizes redness, but still lets your skin show through. It is just enough coverage to give me that extra boost of confidence to feel good about going makeup free.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Fluid Face Sunscreen – This is one of my all time favourite sunscreen products. I have been using it for years and in 2020 it got even better as they slightly reformulated it. The new formulation is anti-migration meaning it won’t move from the skin and transfer into the eyes. There were times in the past where I did get this in my eyes and let me just say it wasn’t pleasant. The reason why I love this product the most is that it truly is invisible on the skin. It disappears into the skin and feels like there is nothing left on the skin. It wears beautifully on its own or under makeup. It doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin. If you are looking for a great facial sunscreen I recommend giving this one a try.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Sport Sunscreen – This is has been my favourite body sunscreen for a few years, but I think this might be the first time it is appearing on the blog. This past summer I spent a lot time outdoors and I went through many bottles of this sunscreen. Most body sunscreens I do not like. I find them to feel sticky, greasy and they leave a residue on your skin and clothing. The Vichy Sport Sunscreen is everything I have ever wanted in a body sunscreen. It disappears into the skin without any trace of feeling sticky, greasy with no residue left behind. It is hydrating and leaves a bit of a cooling sensation on the skin. It is both sweat and water resistant and it can be applied to wet skin. The fact that is can be applied to wet skin is so convenient. I think people already dread reapplying as needed, especially when swimming, because of the hassle of having to dry off first. I still do towel off, but I don’t have to worry too much if my skin is a bit damp.

I also really love the texture of this on my face. I have been using it in the winter months on my face and it is also so beautiful. I love that it is hydrating and doesn’t feel too heavy. This is a great product if you are just looking to purchase one sunscreen you can use on face and body.

Neostrata Bionic Oxygen Recovery

Neostrata Bionic Oxygen Recovery – When my skin was at its peak with acne and sensitivity this was such a great option for when I needed exfoliation. This mask combines PHA and bionic acid to gently exfoliate and deliver oxygen to the skin. Even after my sensitivity and acne has gone down I still love using this product. It is so gentle, soothing and leaves me skin feeling soft and radiant.

This mask is also very unique in the application. You massage a thick layer onto damp skin. It then starts to bubble and then disappears and you rinse it with cold water. I will warn you the bubbles tickle, A LOT. It’s not uncomfortable it is just unusual and definitely takes some time to get used to. If you are a sensitive skin type who can’t use a lot of harsh actives in your routine, or are already use some stronger actives and want an exfoliator that can be paired with anything definitely give this treatment a try.

Skyn Iceland Eye Mask, Patchology Eye Mask, Pixi Eye Mask

Pixi DetoxifEYE Eye Patches – These eye patches were an essential part of many self care moments in 2020. I keep them in the fridge and they just feel so good. I find that they really soothe my eye area – especially when they are cold from the fridge. They really leave my eyes feeling hydrated and refreshed. When applying them be careful that they don’t stick together. On a few occasions I have accidentally applied two to one eye as they do easily stick together.

If you are still with me – thank you! That was quite a novel. I really loved reflecting on what products I really loved this year and it is making me want to do some shopping to replenish. What products did you love this year? I would love to hear in a comment below! Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for my 2020 makeup favourites.